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Fall Table Setting Ideas For Your Next Dinner Party

Set indoor dining table

Are you looking for inspiration? Dinner parties are one of those things that everyone looks forward to. Beyond the food and drinks, the table represents the center of the gathering. The place we eat, toast, and bond with our guests. It makes sense that you want to decorate and build the right ambiance.  

Set the table in autumn style, and get ready for fall entertaining with these table decor ideas: 

Go for an all-natural 

Dinner parties are about family and friends. But it is also a time to enjoy the ambient, flowers are some of the best dinner party decor ideas.

During fall, you can create a cozy vibe by setting plates, cutlery, and glasses next to pine cones, eucalyptus, and white pumpkins. You can even build your own centerpiece with these elements, lighting candles to complete the mood. 

  1. Make the tablecloth the star of the table 

Sometimes less is more. Maybe instead of thinking about all the little details to set the table, you can opt for a very bold and colorful tablecloth. Rather than the classic white linen, this choice can bring a homey feeling and still feel unexpected.

Combine it with jewel tones and natural accents like wheat sheaves, pine cones, and wood slices to magnify its effect inside the room. 

Autumn wreaths as centerpieces 

You can repurpose a few or make them from scratch. First, pick up leafy foliage of different colors, then arrange them around the wreath in three grouped sections, ensuring to keep the leaves run the same way.

Complete the layout with flowers, berries, cones, and bits and pieces on top of a leafy patch. When the whole wreath is covered, use the glue gun to secure all the pieces in place.

Make two or three of them -depending on how large your table is- and place them evenly on the table. Add candles and fruits for a mystic finish! 

Try a minimalist vibe 

Some people prefer a more traditional approach for a dinner table, but if you want to keep it simple and lean, it’s a great idea too!

To nail the minimalist style you’ll only need an elegant set of dishes and cutlery, a few lights or candles, and cloth napkins. Try to stick with neutral colors for a really calm and ethereal atmosphere. 

All pumpkin table

If you have a farmer’s market close to home, go fetch a dozen pumpkins. Pick different colors, shapes, and sizes. Maybe ask for the little ones that generally don’t make it to the counter. 

The idea is to build a natural runner of pumpkins through the table, from one side to another, binding the whole decoration as the center of attention. 

Bonus tip: the perfect table setting is the one you’ve imagined. Don’t be afraid to try bold ideas and step out of the box. Maybe an all-gold and black decor?  Add your own twist to the table!

Do you need help in the kitchen? Send us a message, and we can start creating the perfect menu for you and your loved ones. 

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