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A Premier Private & Personal Chef Agency

How it Works

Wonder how we pair you with a chef? Our process is simple, but thoughtful!

Step 1


Take a few minutes to let us know what type of service you need and any dietary concerns.
Step 2

Fill out a preference form

So we can better understand your culinary needs to pair you with one of our talented chefs.

Step 3

Get Matched With a Chef

Your chef will create a customized menu to fit your lifestyle. They will take care of all the planning, shopping, cooking, serving, and cleaning.

Step 4


We will be your health concierges to ensure a seamless experience with your Health Chef.

Word on the street

Ready to get paired with a chef?

What Do You Have in Mind?


We’re culinary matchmakers, so this is what we do best! After our initial conversation with you, we go through our curated list of chefs to pick the one that has the best skill set and culinary background to fit your particular dietary needs and service request!
We are two experienced and award-winning private chefs ourselves, so we understand what goes into an impeccable private chef service. We meticulously vet the chefs on our team. We find chefs who align with our own food philosophies and can live up to the high culinary standards we set for ourselves and those who represent us. We are there to help make the process as easy as possible for you!

If you book a full-time private chef, you select a time each week you’d like your chef to
arrive and make your meals.

However, if this is your first time booking a chef, typically we ask that you book out 2
weeks in advance – this applies to both our full-time and part-time chef service.

For gatherings + events, we ask that you book 3-4 weeks in advance.

For your initial service, we ask that you commit to a 3-day trial. If you decide it’s a great fit for you, then you will decide on a time each week that works best for your chef to cook your meals!
Our part-time chef service is a weekly service, so as long as you book your chef once a week, then you are good!
With our full-time private chef service, we can certainly accommodate table service, however it is not included with our part-time chef service.
The chef will arrive at an agreed upon time for weekly services. For events/dinner parties, 2 ½ -3 hours before appetizers are served.
The chef will be in your home for 3- 4 hours. For special events 6 hours +.
We do our best to ensure we find the perfect match for you, but if you’re not loving the pairing, we are happy to find a chef better suited for your needs!

If in the event you need to cancel a service, we ask that you do so 48-hours prior to
your scheduled service. If not canceled within this window, we will have to charge a
100% service fee and charge for any groceries/supplies already purchased.

  • Private chefs are typically hired by one client at a time. They do all the shopping, preparing, cooking, and serving meals. Generally, private chefs also take care of kitchen cleaning and pantry organizing. They usually travel with employers as a part of their regular staff, because their main goal is to prepare food on-demand for them. 

  • Personal chefs focus on the person or family’s lifestyle and plan according to their dietary needs. They design the weekly menus, prepare the majority of meals in one cook day and leave instructions to clients for reheating. They also offer a variety of services such as meal prep delivery, in-home meal prep, small catering, corporate events, retreats, and food styling.