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Differences Between Personal and Private Chefs

Differences Between Personal and Private Chef

If the thought of looking for a new recipe every night stresses you out, then maybe it is time to find professional help! Both personal and private chefs can cook healthy and delicious meals for your family, but what is the best option? 

While these professionals center their mission on your taste and goals, personal and private chefs attend to separate tasks in the household. Below, we explain the differences between them and how to hire one depending on your lifestyle. 

Private vs. Personal Chefs: Basic differences 

Private chefs can be hired by one client at a time. They shop ingredients, prepare, cook, and store all the meals for the family. Generally, private chefs also take care of kitchen cleaning and pantry organizing. 

They usually travel with employers as a part of their regular staff, because their main goal is to prepare food on-demand for them. 

On the other hand, personal chefs focus on the person or family’s lifestyle and plan according to their dietary needs. They design the weekly menu, prepare the majority of meals and leave instructions to clients for serving or reheating. 

They also offer a variety of services such as meal prep delivery, in-home meal prep, small catering, corporate events, retreats, blogging, and food styling. 

Private Chef Tasks: 

• Plan a weekly menu based on the person or family’s likes and dislikes. Additionally, they could follow a healthy diet or not, it depends on what the client requires.   

• Shop for ingredients and organize the kitchen. 

• Work as a team with other professional support staff, such as butlers and maids.

• Prepare fresh meals, serve and clean up.

Personal Chef Tasks:

• Plan meals based on a wide spectrum of dietary restrictions or fitness needs.

• Create customized meal plans for a week or a month.

• Stock the client’s pantry with requested foods.

• Label the food and ingredients in the kitchen.

• Deliver catering service for special events. 

• Prepare and organize meals to freeze.

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