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Healthy meals for the entire family! A daily chef in your home will come prepare meals to fit all your families needs, stocking your pantry + fridge, cleaning, and keeping you nourished 24/7. 

Our private chefs take care of all the menu planning, shopping, cooking, portioning, and clean-up, filling your fridge with customized meals cooked in the privacy of your own home. Perfect for the individuals + families with busy schedules. 

Serving all of NYC + Long Island, Philadelphia, Miami, and Northern Jersey. 

Hire a private chef for your next dinner party or event customized to your needs, from a birthday party to a cocktail party. The Health Chefs are here to help. Tell us the date, guest count, location, and your visions for your gathering. We then handpick the perfect private chef for your event. 

The Health Chefs create fun + unforgettable cooking experiences for couples, group cooking, team-building events, family bonding, and customer appreciation gifts. 

This includes a variety of cooking experiences from learning how to pair wine with meals to sushi classes all while keeping it  personalized.

The Health Chefs are here to help new moms + parents with providing them with organic, natural, supportive meals to help with recovery, promote lactation, sleep, and ease.

We take the pressure away from your busy mom brain to have time with your newborn and properly recover after birth. 

We offer our 1st 30 plan to ease you into this new adventure. Hire a chef to prepare all your meals for the first 30 days post birth or visit our shop to learn more about our meal plan. 

Purchase a Health Chefs gift card in any amount and the recipient will be on their way to experiencing our health supportive private chefs services in any way that suits their needs. 

Perfect gift for new moms, newlywed cooking classes, weekly meal prep, private events, and more! 

Customized weekly meals prepared conveniently in your own home.
Want to learn how to eat better?  We will teach you basic knife skills, how to properly cook vegetables, how to meal plan, and more. 


Rachael Harper

Rachael is a Personal Chef and Baker, Food Stylist, Recipe Developer, and amateur gardener recently relocated to New York City after nine years in the culinary scene in Los Angeles.

Growing up in Northern California, she learned to appreciate from a young age the importance of using local and organically grown foods— and how our health and the health of the planet are interconnected to the food cycle and farming practices. After a brief stint in college studying nutrition, she pivoted to the hands-on world of cooking, finding a love of working with the best produce and preparing beautiful and healthy meals.

In Los Angeles she attended the Matthew Kenney Culinary school where she quickly transitioned to working as an academy instructor, as well as developing and filming both raw and cooked vegan cooking courses in California and Maine. She’s also honed her skills in restaurant kitchens as a Line Cook, Baker, Sous Chef, and Pastry Chef at restaurants such as Gjusta in Venice Beach, Tartine Bakery in DTLA, Wolf in West Hollywood, and Botanica in Silver Lake.

Rachael now works as a Personal Chef with a focus on combing her love for the best seasonal, local foods and healthy dishes with the expertise and inspiration from working in the high-end restaurant industry.


Olivia Williamson

Chef/Founder Olivia Williamson truly is the one cooking for you, offering healthy, delicious prepared meals delivered to clients in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Each week, she creates a completely new menu, taking inspiration from seasonal ingredients, recipes and a career working in top NYC restaurants.

Olivia first came to New York to study at art school but quickly switched to pursuing a culinary career.  Even as a young girl, she had loved cooking and thought of becoming a chef.  After graduating from the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Institute) in 1989, she worked in the kitchens of the United Nations Delegates Dining Room and Maxim’s.  She then helped open Greenwich Village’s Grange Hall, which quickly became a neighborhood favorite and a local institution. 

While in charge of brunch and lunch, she created such popular brunch items as “Olivia’s Eggs”: poached eggs on toast with sautéed portobello and cremini mushrooms, tarragon, thyme and cream.


Stephania Valentin

My name is Stephania Valentin, I am 38 years old residing in Long Island. I am a mom to a fantastic 8-year-old boy, and I am passionate about putting forth creative- wholesome dishes while never compromising on flavor. Influenced by my Caribbean roots, and being a culinary graduate, I make sure to bring the best out of every ingredient I come across, while I always ensure to maintain foods’ integrity, and its authenticity. My favorite thing about being a chef, is the creative liberty that it allows me to have, while bringing enjoyment to others through my food.

Providing customizable service to clients is one of the most important aspects to me as a chef, since I believe it elevates the quality of service while building rapport with clients along the process. I do enjoy interfacing with clients, because having mostly a line-cook background did not allow me to interact with guests as much as I wanted to.

Therefore, becoming a private chef will give me the opportunity to better connect with clients as I extend my service to them. Another important value to me is encouraging others to eat more health-giving foods, especially to those that are seeking assistance in maintaining a healthier lifestyle, but not very sure on how to approach it.

Being a vegan for 2 ½ years has proven to me that making more mindful adjustments can improve your health drastically. I consider myself to be community-oriented individual who always like coming together for a greater purpose. Which is why becoming a chef has been one of the most important roles in my life, and I am so grateful to be on such amazing journey.


Lauren McNally

From a young age, Lauren McNally discovered she had an undeniable passion for cooking. She grew up in the kitchen learning family recipes that have been passed down over generations and began following other chefs who shared similar culinary points of view.

To further her growing love for cooking, she enrolled in the Natural Gourmet Institute. Her recent accomplishments include starting her private chef business, working expos, catering several private events and volunteering at the James Beard Foundation, while cooking alongside professional chefs.

Throughout both her personal and professional experiences, she has learned proper cooking techniques, discovered the pairing of flavors and how, if combined correctly, food fuels our bodies.

Dalya Rubin

Dalya Rubin is a Personal Chef, Food Photographer, Recipe Developer and Food Blogger located in New York City. Having started pursuing her passion in the food media industry from a young age with her Youtube channel & blog, It’s Raining Flour, she then transitioned to photograph recipe content for one of the largest cookie dough brands in the US, Sweet Loren’s. She is extremely passionate about the art of creating incredible recipes that taste delicious and look beautiful! Dalya currently develops recipes for the blog and works as a personal meal prep chef, creating healthful recipes for her clients.

Dalya is currently a student at the Institute of Culinary Education, in the Health Supportive Culinary Arts Program and completing an Externship at Thyme and Tonic. Dalya is passionate about making healthful, nourishing, balanced recipes that are colorful and vibrant, keeping you fueled throughout the week! Always looking to improve on skills and open to feedback with everything she does in order to deliver optimal results.


Margot Schulman

Margot Schulman is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The Natural Gourmet Cookery School Chef’s Training Program. She has been self-employed for the past 25 years as a private chef, holistic health counselor, life coach, caterer and cooking instructor.

Margot understands the incredibly crucial role that diet plays in our physical and emotional well-being. Margot specializes in cooking a variety of dietary plans: vegetarian, vegan, and low-fat, sugar-free, glucose-free, lactose intolerant, diabetic, macrobiotic. She enjoys cooking health supportive versions of all types of cuisines including Italian, Mediterranean, North and South American, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

Jessica Blanco

Jessica Blanco is a private chef, food stylist, and recipe developer located in Hamptons and NYC.

She graduated from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, R.I., with a Culinary Arts and  Foodservice Management Degree. Since then, she has been putting that degree to work- with ten years in the restaurant industry, freelancing at Food Network, to working with celebrity chefs- Jess’s life involves food 24/7.

Using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, she creates delicious and nutritious meals. As a chef, she constantly explores new approaches to new American cuisine.


Chef Jessica Blanco smiling

Kathryn Cooney

Her passion as a chef started a young age just loving food. She went to French Culinary Institute in NYC led by Jaques Pepin and continued to cook in some of NYC’s best restaurants as well as in Napa Valley, CA and Austin, TX.

She decided to lean more into personal cheffing and private cheffing when she realized that she loves cooking more for individuals and their specific needs. She really loves the more intimate setting as well as the approach to assist people in their dietary likes or needs especially when they don’t necessarily have the time or maybe don’t particularly like cooking.

She approaches food and cooking on the health forward side utilizing fresh and organic ingredients as well as healthier cooking methods. Her passion for food drives me on a regular basis to create and cook as she loves to eat.


Tullia Z. Waterfall

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Tullia was introduced to cooking at a very
young age, helping her mom baking. Growing up she often spent time in the kitchen with her father experimenting with recipes found in books and from television.

For Tullia and her family, food meant bringing people together through taste, flavor and color. After graduating from the Natural Grourmet Institute, working in New York restaurants and volunteering at the James Beard Foundation, Tullia decided to become a personal chef in order to have a more collaborative culinary relationship with her clients: creating menus based on dietary and household preferences.

Life can get busy and take out is not always the healthiest choice, but Tullia believes that healthy food doesn’t mean eating the usual boring, tasteless meal but rather having a balanced diet without sacrificing taste.

She also loves baking and experimenting with new techniques.

Lottie Gurvis

Lottie Gurvis has always had a passion for feeding the people in her life. Growing up in a Jewish home, she learned to express her love through food. As a teenager, she attended a spring break course at The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, Canada where she honed in on her knife skills and learned how to keep her station clean. She then went on to shadow the head chef at Nava’s Creative Kosher Cuisine. Lottie has worked as a nanny for over ten years, often creating healthy and delicious meals for the families.

She recently transitioned from nannying into personal cheffing and started her own company, Oh My Nosh, which immediately took off. Lottie is an avid restaurant goer and often adapts restaurant meals into everyday recipes. She focuses on using fresh, seasonal produce, trying new recipes and making healthy food taste great.

She’s a big believer in the “quick pickle” method and believes salads can be truly delicious if they include a crunch, a tang and a protein. Lottie leans towards Mediterranean flavors, but enjoys borrowing techniques and flavors from around the world. She also specializes in cooking gluten free and in Kosher homes, as she grew up in one herself.


Arielle Ferrara

Hi, I’m Arielle Ferrara, a Long Island-based chef and graduate of Johnson & Wales University.  I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management.

I’ve been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, most recently as The Executive Chef at American beech in Greenport, receiving a “Very Good” rating from the New York Times, Chef De Cuisine at the Simons Center Café at Stony Brook University, Executive Sous Chef at Westhampton Country Club and Private Cheffing for families New York City to the Hamptons.

My passion is for healthy, seasonal, and sustainable food options, in New American Cuisine, that are simple, delicious, beautifully executed with high-quality organic ingredients and always made with love.

When I’m not cooking you’ll find me hiking and walking the beach with my fur baby Niko, home painting or adding to my plant collection.