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Our Story

Julia Chebotar, based out of New York City, and Tina DeJesus, based out of the Hamptons, joined forces to bring together the best private chefs from Manhattan to Montauk. When Julia and Tina first connected they quickly realized they were both ambitious chefs who were passionate about providing sustainable and health-conscious meals for their clients.

They both believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland or boring. They believe in using bold flavors, colorful ingredients, seasonal produce, and using only organic, grass-fed and wild-caught animal products.

Get to know us!

Tina DeJesus

Chef Tina was formally trained at Le Cordon Bleu where she learned the art of French cuisine. Right after graduating she worked in a fine dining seafood restaurant gaining experience as a line cook. From there her career lead her to catering large events & intimate dinner parties. While she followed her passion as a cook Chef Tina also split her time with working as a lead server, bartender, & Maitre D making her the perfect host.

Spending over ten years working in hospitality lead Tina to living an unhealthy lifestyle of late-nights followed by sleeping all day and repeating the same cycle. She decided to change her way of living in 2013, where she dove into all thing’s vegetarian, nutrition, mental health, and yoga. Which lead her to creating VegHead Chef where she now creates seasonal plant-based meals that are suited to fit any lifestyle, dietary restriction, & unique preferences. All the while keeping it nutritious and simple!

Julia Chebotar

Health Chef Julia Chebotar is an award-winning chef and a Food Network’s Chopped Champion. Based in New York City, Julia has nearly a decade of experience under her belt, she’s worked as an executive chef, private chef, and restaurateur to bring food to life through bold flavors, colorful ingredients, and some extra spice when necessary!

Julia has a passion for creating recipes and food solutions founded upon a healthy, sustainable and supportive lifestyle that is both fun and enjoyable. With a knack for social media marketing and public speaking, Julia has been able to cultivate a following of nearly 15,000 people across different social media platforms. She is constantly developing new and creative recipes and contributing content for notable media outlets, brands, and magazines. 

Chef Julia has become known as a culinary expert who shares her knowledge on podcasts, corporate wellness seminars, virtual webinars, virtual team-building events, and virtual cooking classes. 


We value nothing more than time spent around a table full of excellent food + good conversation. 

We are a collection of chefs that genuinely love to create flavorful + seasonal meals with veggies being the star. We are interested in helping others sustain a lifestyle of eating organic nutrient dense meals. Our team of chefs loves pushing their creative abilities in the kitchen.

From delicious personalized meal plans to nutritious meal programs, it’s all about putting your best self forth through food and we're here to help you!


For today’s modern family, sitting down for a meal together has become nearly impossible. Preparing meals at home is an unwelcome hassle and, at times, very stressful.Our vision for Health Chefs is to take away the stress of planning daily meals and even the special ones by taking care of all the planning, shopping, cooking, serving, + cleaning. So you can spend more time with the people who meant the most to you!


At Health Chefs we want to bring nutrient dense, flavorful, satisfying meals that help sustain our health, all without compromising taste or appeal. We strive to source local ingredients, choose what’s in season, and  buy organic. Health Chefs wants to connect you with health-supportive professional chefs for meal prep, dinner parties, events, and more. 


Health Chefs, commit to minimizing overall environmental impacts especially in food waste. Our team uses biodegradable packaging, is conscious of food waste, and is encouraged to compost. We support brands that have good social ethics.